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    A Himalayan Journey
    Like No Other

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    Aryuvedic Rejuvenation,
    Yoga & Meditation


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    Assisi, Italy

    Follow in the Footsteps of St. Francis
    Communicate with Animals

Unique Spiritual Holidays


Welcome Spiritual Adventurers! Yes. This is worth it. Yes. It will alter the course of your life.

The events in our lives, whether we understand or not, often call us home. Though home is not necessarily where we’ve lived before, but where we feel that we start to make sense.

We are in the business of bringing people home.

Our tours are designed with two key points in mind: inspiring you with the energizing and regenerative power of sacred spiritual journeys and nourishing your soul to help you reach & stay with your deeper source, wherever that lies for you.

Join us if you seek to be understood, to feel the support of like-minded travelers on your journey, and to approach life more deeply and meaningfully.

Join us for the homecoming of a lifetime.

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What other spiritual adventurers have to say…

  • “The trip was the most profound trip I have ever taken and I would not trade it for any other trip. Still yet, almost a year later, the trip is on my mind every day. I have a new perspective on life that I believe I will carry all through my life. The land and people have my heart.” ~ Lee Ann Ingram, USA

    “Very well organised and a host that rocks. Its definitely on my agenda for a Part 2 experience with Lisa.” ~ Katerina Passalis, Australia

  • “This trip has blown me away in every way and I truly was the happiest I have ever been in my life! Your unencumbered love and compassion Lisa shone through in the thoughtfulness and thoroughness you put into every small detail! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for everything!!!!!!”       ~ Kristin Ferguson, USA

    “I felt totally safe the whole time and even researched the areas and Lisa offered to put me in touch with previous travelers as my family had concerns.” ~ Gai Newbury, Australia

  • “The meditations and knowledge had such a profound effect on me and changed my way of thinking to such an extent that I am a much happier and more peaceful person than I have ever been. This is still the case even though I have now been back 6 months.” ~ Pennie Munslow, UK

    “Travelling with Lisa and this group felt safe and made the entire experience much richer.” ~ Sarah MacDonald, Scotland

Lisa TullyUnique Spiritual Journeys