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B 201x300 About UsI am a lot of things – entrepreneur, rower, sister, photographer, friend, chocolate lover…. and more.  But the thing that fuels me day in and day out is my spiritual life and growth – which is closely connected to my experiences in India.

My travels to India and Asia first began when I was 21. Though I’d have to say that my spiritual awakening began when, at the age of 25, I spent a year living in the jungles of Bolivia in South America.

I worked at a wildlife sanctuary and spent hours roaming the jungles with my primary charge – a young female ocelet (which is a kind of jungle cat). I am convinced that this time of service, contemplation and communion was the spark that ignited my spiritual growth – at least in this lifetime! It wasn’t long after this that I began a meditation practice.

Simple guided meditation slowly opened my eyes to the indisputable fact that my high-pressure corporate sector job was not where I was supposed to be. As meditation helped to rein in my mind, I saw clearly that I was a square peg in a round hole. The truth is, meditation changed everything. And I mean everything!

Because it wasn’t long after this that I quit my corporate life in search of the nectar that my soul was yearning for. One day, after a hypnosis session, I heard a deep calling in my heart. The message was very simple: go see the Dalai Lama in India. It was like he had sent me a t-mail (telepathic mail!).

With two mortgages to pay, no job to speak of, while living off of credit cards (my savings were non-existent), I did the only thing I could do. I followed the calling and booked the ticket that would catapult one of the most important phases of my life.

Things have never been the same since.

It was this trip that inspired me to set up Spiritual Quest Adventures. It wasn’t just the relationships that I developed with the Tibetan people that made me want to return again and again, it was the deep sense of spiritual homecoming that I experienced.

I felt instantly connected and I felt charged. I knew I was meant to introduce others to these wonderful people – and in particular His Holiness. The power of his loving heart is so profound when it touches you. It was a clear case of divine intervention – or more like divine instruction! And little did I realize that that was only the beginning of this ever-growing spiritual community!

When I am not running tours to far off lands I spend as much time as possible on personal retreat and attending teachings and initiations to further my own personal practice and teaching skills. I am a qualified meditation teacher and I love to draw from the wealth of various traditions and great masters including Sufism, Hinduism, Christianity and Celtic spirituality – to name but a few. I do this all under the close guidance of my beloved teacher, Hema Vyas, whom I have worked closely with for years.

India & meditation opened my eyes to the spiritual life I was meant to lead. When leading tours I am helping others to navigate their own way, but I also benefit by learning and growing alongside them.

It is a most fulfilling life and I’m excited by the possibility of helping and guiding you towards what it is that you seek.

If you are keen to get in touch you can email me directly by clicking here.

Much love,

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