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Assisi Retreat

Why join this Assisi retreat?

We invite you to join us in Assisi, Italy the sacred home of St. Francis the patron saint of animals, to explore his world and work with him in the land where he found his calling.

Visiting sacred sites where St. iStock 000009424990Small 300x199 Assisi, ItalyFrancis himself used to abide will afford us the opportunity for deep reflection & spiritual growth.

To be guided by our hearts rather than our minds or external influences, opens up a whole new way of being. During our week in Assisi daily meditation sessions will be on offer in the mornings and the evenings to reawaken the gift of intuition so that it may guide you towards a more fulfilling life.

St. Francis realised animals are our co-inhabitants on this earth and have so much to teach us – if we would only listen like he did! By attending this retreat the opportunity to learn the sacred art of animal communication will be available to you.

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Our intention for this journey to unleash heart wisdom

Turn up the volume of inner knowing

Bring healing to you & all beings around you

That is WHY we invite you

It would be a honor to have you with us…

How do I know this Assisi retreat is for me?

  • You want to be able to tap into that source – your inner knowing
  • You yearn for more meaningful relationships in your life
  • You long to have greater peace of mind
  • You wish to stride forward in life with both clarity & conviction
  • You simply want to get away from it all in a loving open-minded environment
  • You want to harness spiritual principles so you are able to apply them in daily life
  • You are searching for skills to help you cope better with life’s up & downs

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Where will we stay for this Assisi retreat?

Esterno Villamena 300x199 Assisi, ItalyVilla Mena is our luscious getaway – about 5km outside of Assisi town itself. Nestled in the heart of the Umbrian hills, it will provide for us a welcome relief from life’s hustle and bustle. The Covino family inherited the property from the Sbaraglini – a noble family in the time of St. Francis.

The property was restored using traditional materials to maintain the charm and beauty of the hamlet within its surrounding countryside. They even have a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool! The beautiful Covino family will be there to greet us with their warm & open Italian hearts!


What’s the Assisi retreat itinerary & highlights?

  • Develop & deepen a daily practice of meditation to enhance intuition & self-confidence
  • Travel back in time as we visit ancient sites of St.Francis the patron saint of animals
  • Eat luscious Italian cuisine in the Umbrian hillsides
  • Explore spiritual philosophies as a group to attain greater clarity on life’s journey
  • Communicate with animals through telepathy & hear what it is they have to say
  • Visit the tomb of St. Francis to perhaps ask for his blessing & guidance
  • Meditate in an exclusive private chapel of Assisi where St. Francis himself once visited
  • Find lasting friendships amongst like minded souls
  • Return home inspired with new skills for better relationships will all beings on this great planet of ours


 Who are your spiritual retreat hosts?

Introducing Lisa…

Following the calls of my heart one day I did the unthinkable. I quit my corporate career despite having two mortgages to pay. Then one day after a hypnosis session I heard a deep calling in my heart to go see the Dalai Lama in India. lisa tully Assisi, Italy

It was like he had sent me a t-mail (telepathic mail!). With two mortgages to pay, living off credit cards (my savings were non-existent), no job to speak of & a desire to get traveling once again I booked a ticket to go see him.

And things have never been the same since. As it was this trip that inspired me to set up this spiritual travel company. It was a clear case of divine intervention or more like divine instruction!

On my spiritual path I love to draw from a wealth of traditions & great masters including Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Christianity & Celtic spirituality to name but a few.

All under the close guidance of my beloved teacher Hema Vyas who I have been working closely with for over eight years now.

It was actually on retreat with Hema that I first discovered the power of Assisi. We happened upon St. Francis’ tomb in the basilica where both Hema & myself were instantly transfixed in his energy. In other words he suddenly happened upon us! And this was when the seeds for this Assisi retreat were planted & now they are ready to blossom.

To take you there to experience this sacred place would be a dream come true. I deeply believe great & lasting change is possible from this journey.

Suggested Books:

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Lisa TullyAssisi, Italy