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Allow us to assist you in creating magical custom tours to Bhutan that will forever be etched in your heart! This is a unique land where the government value the happiness of the people on an equal measure to profit – BOTH must be in harmony before they implement polices. P1060951 22 768x1024 Bhutan Tour

They are steaming ahead to be the first country that is 100% organic. Fusing Buddhist principles with natural laws it is no wonder they are the natural benchmark for global environmentalists looking for inspiration!

Closed off to outsiders until recently, where tourism is restricted to ensure it does not harm their sacred country, this trip will surely be a once in a life-timer!

It is actually believed that only people who have good karma will get to travel or live in Bhutan.

There is something magical about traveling out of your comfort zone and into great beauty. A part of you breaks open when you are awe-struck to the core – it sets off fireworks within your neurons opening you to possibilities that you never could have imagined.

Ideas spark in your mind, the world changes rotation, hearts burst open, strange birds rush across the sky, and great mysteries are revealed…

P1060295 212x300 Bhutan TourYou take a pilgrimage into your own soul and come out somehow transformed, lighter, clearer, truer to your passion and purpose.

And NOTHING is ever the same again.

That’s WHY we go to Bhutan.

That’s WHY we wander.

And that’s WHY we want to help you get there.

It will be a ONCE in a lifetimer for both you & yours…


P1020992 2 170x3002 Bhutan TourYour unencumbered love and compassion Lisa shone through in the thoughtfulness and thoroughness you put into every small detail! I was a little wary coming into such a different and foreign country, but it didn’t take long for me to have complete faith that all of my concerns and worries were baseless because we had such great leaders in you & your team – Kristin, USA


WHERE is Bhutan?

Not many people have actually heard about BhutanThe Land of the Thunder Dragon, or even know where it is located. For many years this little country about the size of Switzerland has been off limits of foreigners. If you look at a map you will find Bhutan to be east of Nepal at the same latitude (as Florida actually), with a tiny piece of India separating the two countries – and the northern edge touches the Himalayas.

WHAT are you going to experience?

bhutan81 Bhutan Tour

All tours are custom designed to suit your needs. Here is some of our suggestions to get your creativity and excitement building…

Our fantastic Bhutanese team always go above and beyond to take care of you. Opening up a world where attaining the highest level of Gross National Happiness is the number one goal (as opposed to Gross National Product).

Journeying across Bhutan to its many temples, Dzongs and hilltop vistas offers a sight for tired souls. Enriching you with the power of an ancient way of life that has fascinated all who travel to this land.

Witnessing the varied wildlife and flora first hand, seeing nature existing in true harmony with man leaves you feeling inspired & rejuvenated. For all beings are considered with each and every decision the people of Bhutan make.

Through meditation, chanting, prayer and ceremony, and connecting the local people – the opportunity is there for you to expand your consciousness and practice cultivating the compassion and loving-kindness of the Buddha within (for others, and most importantly – for yourself).

P1060805 2 2 756x1024 Bhutan TourThe people of Bhutan are Tantric Buddhists who have a Shamanistic background called Bon – and a fantastic history filled with strange legends and mythologies!

In fact, one of the suggested highlights of your journey is a special pilgrimage up to the sacred site called Tiger’s Nest which marks the spot where the beloved Guru Rinpoche flew to on the back of a flaming tigress! Indeed, the monasteries are magical and beautiful in ways that we cannot begin to describe.

We also suggest honoring your body after a pilgrimage to the world renowned Tiger’s Nest by spending two nights at the 5 star Zhiwa Ling hotel (the last 2 days of our journey).

Each of the treatment rooms are dedicated to one of the aspects of Tara, the radiant goddess who embodies the virtues of compassion, healing, wisdom and fearlessness. She is the most venerated female deity, representing the divine feminine of the Buddha Nature.

As service is an important part of any spiritual experience, you are welcome to bring children’s books, blankets or anything you would like to donate to the Bhutanese people during your visit.

Bhutan cannot be described in any way – you simply must visit and experience the beauty of the both the landscapes and the amazing people!

WHAT’S the suggested itinerary + highlights?

  • Fly over eight of the ten tallest peaks in the world including Mt. EverestP1060488 21 225x300 Bhutan Tour
  • See the 108 Chortens or stupas built for the Gross National Happiness of Bhutan
  • Travel across the valleys of Bhutan and bear witness to it being one of the ten most important bio-diversity hot spots in the world
  • Hike to the Chimmi Lhakang also known as the Divine Madman’s temple and a famous pilgrimage site for childless couples
  • Enjoy some of the best Tantric art in Bhutan
  • Visit the stunning Punakha Dzong – the most magnificent architectural masterpiece in the kingdom nestled between two rivers
  • Visit Rinpung Dzong the religious headquarters of Bhutan and also where “Little Buddha” was filmed
  • Explore the capital of Bhutan, Thimpu. The only capital city in the world with no traffic lights!
  • Attend a prayer ceremony with monks followed by a teaching on Buddhism.
  • Pilgrimage to the famous Takstang Temple (aka Tiger’s Nest) situated on a cliff edge, dedicated to the Guru Rinpoche (we’ll be using his mantra on the journey).
  • Two nights in the stunning 5 star Zhiwa Ling Hotel at the end of our trip to nourish yourselves on all levels!
  • Make friends for life with the people of Bhutan

WHAT’S Included in the Bhutan Tour:

zhiwa ling21 Bhutan Tour

  • All daily meals
  • Double & single rooms in charming local hotels
  • Two nights in the stunning 5 star luxury Zhiwa Ling Hotel the suggested last 2 nights of your journey (pictured on the right)
  • All ground transportation in Bhutan
  • Your local guides
  • Admission fees to the temples and sites are included.
  • Special blessing prayer ceremony with the Lama
  • **Your roundtrip flight from Bangkok to Paro, Bhutan on Druk Airlines (approx $820 USD value)

WHAT’S Not- Included in the Bhutan Tour:

zhiwa ling41 Bhutan Tour

  • Non-included lunches and dinners during your trip to and from Bhutan.
  • You will probably need to overnight in Bangkok at the Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel coming and going (~$170 USD per night).
  • Other non-included items would be travel insurance, excess baggage charges & airport taxes, beverages (alcohol, soda), personal items, and souvenir shopping!
  • The incredible spa services at the 5 star Zhiwa Ling hotel, drinks from the tea house, or any extras that are not included in our package.
  • Your international round-trip air flight to Bangkok is not-included in the cost of the journey.
  • Tips for your two amazing local guides

 Need another trip leader to ASSIST you?

Running a group tour alone can be a challenge even for the most experienced leaders. All sorts of things come up for people when journeying in high vibrational places such as Bhutan. Having another person there to assist you can make all the difference for both you and your group. If you feel it would add to your journey our experienced group leader Lisa is also available to join you on your travels in Bhutan.

Meet LisaMy travels to India and Asia first began when I was 21 which I believe sowed the seed for what was to come.

My travels to India and Asia first began when I was 21 which I believed sowed the seed for what was to come. – See more at:

Following the calls of my heart one day I did the unthinkable, I quit my corporate career despite having two mortgages to pay. Then one day after a hypnosis session I heard a deep calling in my heart to go see the Dalai Lama in India.

P10608471 1024x640 Bhutan Tour

Lisa enjoying the vista over Thimpu with her new Bhutanese friend!

It was like he had sent me a t-mail (telepathic mail!). With two mortgages to pay, living off credit cards (my savings were non-existent), no job to speak of & a desire to get traveling once again I booked a ticket to go see him.

And things have never been the same since. As it was this trip that inspired me to set up this spiritual travel company. It was a clear case of divine intervention or more like divine instruction!

On my spiritual path I love to draw from a wealth of traditions & great masters including Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Christianity & Celtic spirituality to name but a few.

All under the close guidance of my beloved teacher Hema Vyas who I have been working closely with for over eight years now.

Having traveled to and run successful group tours in Bhutan it would be such an honor to assist you and your group in this magical Himalayan kingdom.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can explore all of this together in more detail.

Suggested Books:

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