How to change the world…without leaving your house!

“United minds are bigger channels through which God’s Power flows in a mightier way to individual souls.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

The best way to change the world is by… sitting down? It’s true! There is a strong body of research that effectively demonstrates that group meditation can have a positive effect on communities and even the globe.

photo 300x300 How to change the world...without leaving your house!Those of us at Spiritual Quest Adventures may be a little biased, but we’ve seen that sitting down to meditate with others can transform the world directly and immediately.

It’s known as the Maharishi Effect and was first named back in 1978 when 7000 people sat down and meditated as a group for three weeks.

During their meditation times, the crime rate in their surrounding community (the area they were meditating on) was reduced by an average of 16% – thus impacting the global crime rate overall. In addition to decreased crime, violence, car accidents and even suicide rates decreased. And most astounding of all, terrorist activity was reduced by 72% during these times!

Amazing or coincidence?

These connections go beyond the explanation of other social or political variables. There are now dozens of studies, some published in the most reputable peer reviewed journals, that demonstrate the same effects.

In the same way that the law of attraction works in our individual lives, so too do our individual thoughts (brain waves) affect consciousness as a whole. According to the research, it takes just 1% of any given community to sit in meditation together in order to positively affect that community.

When you sit in meditation your consciousness reaches deeper states of being where your thoughts, intentions, and emotions have an impact in the collective consciousness – the space from which everything manifests. It is this consciousness that gives birth to all material things in our life. So why wouldn’t our group thinking have that same effect – and on a much larger and more powerful scale?!

Screen Shot 2014 07 24 at 09.18.14 300x185 How to change the world...without leaving your house!The icing on the cake?

Regardless of the strong evidence in favor of changing the world through group meditation, (and really, how can a little good will and peace toward man ever be a bad thing?) the benefits to the individual are just as powerful and impactful.

  • Like minded community can inspire us to press forward on our own spiritual paths. Groups, particularly those with a spiritual foundation or focus, can be motivating and encouraging. Different people can push us in ways we wouldn’t have discovered on our own.
  • As a part of such a community, our spiritual path can inspire those around us. What we are doing in our own lives may or may not feel profound at any given moment, but our lives and our dedication to growth and love can be a catalyst for others. All we have to do is share!
  • Groups can help us sustain our enthusiasm when we’re struggling. We all have those days were our personal practice takes a back seat. A group, or even a spiritual friend, can help us to keep the days from turning to months!
  • That deeply grounded and calm feeling you have after a meditation session is enhanced by a group. Imagine that high magnified by the energy of those around you!

The truth is, and we’ve experienced it, it’s a sublimely moving experience to tap into group energy this way and share such altruistic feelings with others.

Unifying around a common cause really does change the world!

Join us Sunday, September 14th at 6:00 p.m. BST in a group meditation led by myself. This is the second in a monthly series we’ve starting called Sunday Sessions.

For this month, I will lead us in a meditation on the heart – opening its energies and exploring it’s potential.

Can wait to feel you there!

Much love,


Lisa TullyHow to change the world…without leaving your house!