December Newsletter |Personal retreat

Here’s To A Harmonious 2014

Dear Spiritual Adventurers

iStock 000007795551XSmall 225x300.120539 December Newsletter |Personal retreatFor some of you I am sure the holidays were filled with joy & happiness. And for others it may have been a time of deep sadness and frustration.

I personally chose to spend this time in December alone.

Go into my own personal retreat here in the Buddhist centre in Dublin, Ireland where I currently live.

And it wasn’t until I did, that I realised the beauty and tranquility of my choice. For there was nobody around. No emails, texts, calls…nothing. My own personal retreat.

I could go deep into my reflections, my choices…myself. Bliss!

The realisation of the courage it took to do this didn’t come until I had done it. For our culture here in Ireland is very similar to that of India. We are highly family orientated also. (I always call us the India of Europe.)

Therefore the people around me were concerned about my choice as it went totally against their grain. But not mine.

For I see how many of us are indoctrinated with societal rules and expectations. And they are so loud they drown out the truth of our own hearts.

Then when we become unhappy because of this it becomes impossible to make those around us happy. It’s a bit like trying to quench the thirst of our loved ones from an empty glass.

So in listening to my heart.By being quiet with my truths I had a profoundly spiritual Christmas.

I believe that unbeknownst to myself I got back to it’s original purpose.

And I know by taking the time to take care of myself I can move forward into 2014 ready to authentically give even more to those around me.

I hope by my sharing this it inspires those of you who after the holidays, can relate all to well with one of my favourite quotes for this time of year…

“If you think you are enlightened go spend a week with your family.”   ~ Ram Das

Blessings to all of you for the year ahead.

May you find, nourish and free your heartfelt truths so you embody them all 365 days of the year.

Much love



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LehWomen.151915 300x199 December Newsletter |Personal retreatMystics of Ladakh – India  6th to 19th Mar 2014

Folks we are only two months away from this sacred tour to Ladakh Northern India.

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Mastering the Buddha Nature Within – Bhutan Dec 7 to Dec 18th 2014

bhutan423 300x198 December Newsletter |Personal retreatOur itinerary for our exciting tour to the magical kingdom of Bhutan – Land of the Thunder Dragon is ready folks!

A large number of you have expressed interest in this so although it is a year away, spaces are limited so we advise you to secure your spot by paying your deposit as soon as possible.

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Custom Tours

If any of you would like us to arrange a customised tour with a difference for you we can do so to any part of India. If you are a group leader of any sort and would like to introduce your people to the magic of India we can also make that happen beautifully for you.

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A Series Of Sacred Books that Will Forever Change the Course of Your Life
ruowfb.1606181 December Newsletter |Personal retreat

Every once in a while something happens that seemingly changes the course of our lives forever. It does so by putting us on an extra-ordinary path.

What happens may be a new relationship, an event, a film, a trip or even something as simple as a book landing on our desk.

And when we reflect back to whatever it was that sparked the occurrence we feel an ocean of gratitude.

That is exactly how I am feeling now for having found this series of sacred books…

To read full article by Lisa click HERE.


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