Feb 2014 Newsletter |Tibetan new year

Happy Tibetan New Year!
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Dear Spiritual Adventurers

It’s that time of year again when all my Tibetan friends are busy working hard in their monasteries to serve the Tibetan community during the period of Losar, the Tibetan New Year.

As I wish them and you a prosperous new year ahead (we are not so far from the Western new year so I can squeeze both together) I do so with a sadness in my heart.

For a new year with Tibet still under the dictatorship of the Chinese government is one without freedom or joy. And I know all my displaced friends from Chinese occupied Tibet dearly want to go back home.

So what can I do to help them that also helps you?

I can educate you on the future that awaits our children should China succeed in their plans for Tibet. To learn more please read my article at the bottom of this newsletter.

I can educate you on how to topple a dictatorship for my belief is that most governments are a dictatorship. And if we all know what to do with our own governments then chances are the word may spread to the Chinese people who are also living under a dictatorship.

And that is the best hope for Tibet.

Gandhi said when carrying out his non-violent struggle against the occupation of India by the British government:

“Evil cannot by itself flourish in this world. It can do so only if is allied with some good.”

He sums up beautifully in one sentence the essence of a book called From Dictatorship To Democracy by Gene Sharpwhich played a role in the Arab Spring.

Gene was a senior scholar at the Albert Einstein Insitution and this book is a result of 40 years of his research. It has been likened to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Mao Tse Tung’s Little Red Book.

I urge you to read it. As I feel the non-violent principles it teaches can be applied to all forms of dictatorship, even those in our immediate circles.

And what affects the microcosm affects the macrocosm.

I wrote a blog on Gene’s book, which has had over 31,000 hits, highlighting five weaknesses of any dictatorship which you can read here.

If we educate ourselves dear friends we can educate those around us. If we apply these principles in our own lives we can start to make a difference.

And Tibet needs things to be different. As does the Central African Republic, Ukraine and Syria to unfortunately name but a few…let’s do what we can for our brothers & sisters.

Much love,


Bhutan Update – It’s starting!!
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Is it time for that once in a lifetime trip?

We only have a limited number of spots for our Bhutan trip as tourism is (thankfully) restricted in this Himalayan paradise to preserve it. Also as we are collaborating with dear friend Sheri on this, that reduces our spots available even more so.

Some of you have already booked, some are in the process & some are still thinking about it.

Therefore we urge you to book as soon as you feel it in your heart that this tour is for you! We don’t want you to be dissappointed.

To explore the itinerary & tour hosts click here.

To book on and join the Bhutan adventure of a lifetime click here.

Customised Tours In India
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“Lisa, this itinerary is outstanding. Thank you.

If any of you would like us to arrange a customised tour with a difference for you we can do so to any part of India.

If you are a group leader of any sort and would like to introduce your people to the magic of India we can also make that happen beautifully for you.

Get in touch and let’s create something magical together!

5 Reasons Why the Damage China Is Doing in Tibet Today Will Be Knocking On Our Suburban Doors Tomorrow
429189 10151106526179825 1238947197 n.131830 Feb 2014 Newsletter |Tibetan new year

Sitting in the Dalai Lama’s security office one day I stumbled across a book.

What I learned from that book is how China is whole-heartedly ransacking Tibet and how it whole-heartedly affects all of us.

Monks, nuns and lay people setting themselves alight can seem like a distant headline whose letters of truth seem benign from so far away. I propose an alternative reality to that—what China is doing to the Tibetans today will be knocking on our suburban doors not far into tomorrow.

Based on my literary findings that day in Dharamsala, I would like to give you five bite sized yet perhaps hard to swallow arguments to support this…

Click here to read full article.


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The Spiritual Quest Adventures Team


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