June Newsletter – What’s New On Spiritual Holidays?

Hand-Crafted Spiritual Holidays That Give Your Soul A Break!

Dear Friends,

gallery 12 300x199 June Newsletter   Whats New On Spiritual Holidays?Since I last wrote to you so much has happened that I am dying to share with you!

We now have a new website live online, a new Path To Love retreat in September & we are currently planning a new Animal Nature retreat in Assisi, Italy where the art of animal communication is there for the taking.

For our Path To Love retreat we are collaborating with my spiritual teacher Hema Vyas who will lead teachings & meditations in lush South India (that picture above is the resort we will stay in).

This is such an incredible opportunity for us all. For a long time I have been dreaming of sharing Hema with all of you & finally it has come to fruition.

I started working with her over eight years ago & it was under her loving guidance that I found the courage within to change my career and ultimately set up this company.

When people ask me about working with Hema I always refer to her as pure alchemy.

In other words if you are looking to turn your life into a five star one where you own your truth & live it – she is the teacher for you!

“My aim and intention is always to help people to acknowledge, accept and embrace all aspects of life – the people, situations and experiences – in a way that leads them to feel empowered and able to take personal responsibility for their lives. The process can be both painful and exhilarating at times, reflecting the highs and lows of life, but for those who are committed, the end the result is that of amazing freedom to choose the life they really want.” ~ Hema Vyas

This journey also includes a visit to the beautiful hugging saint & avatar Amma. Too exciting!

I very much hope to see you there so you can experience Hema’s heart wisdom & Amma’s healing hugs for yourself!

With love,


Who is the Path To Love Retreat For?

The Path To Love Retreat

iStock 000026673849Small 300x199 June Newsletter   Whats New On Spiritual Holidays?South India, 24 Sept – 03 Oct 2014

  • If you yearn for a love that is unconditional
  • If you are seeking answers to your deepest questions
  • If you long to be touched by the sacred
  • If you wish to pilgrimage with like-minded souls
  • If you can hear Mother India whisper her calls to you
  • If you are in need of a rejuvenation mind, body & soul
  • If you are ready for lasting change
  • If you want to be in the presence of an enlightened master
  • If you long to return home completely nourished & deeply healed

We intend this offering to be pure alchemy.

Unleashing the gold that is at the heart of all of us.

That is WHY we invite you.

It would be an honor to have you come join us.

For full details & to book this offering please click here.

Is Bhutan calling you?

Mastering the Buddha Nature Within

Bhutan, Dec 7th – 18th 2014

350px Bhutan 31 300x1984 June Newsletter   Whats New On Spiritual Holidays?For those of you super excited about our Bhutan trip we still have some spots available for you!

  • Fly over eight of the ten tallest peaks in the world including Mt. Everest
  • Travel across the valleys of Bhutan and bear witness to it being one of the ten most important bio-diversity hot spots in the world
  • Hike to the Chimmi Lhakang also known as the Divine Madman’s temple and a famous pilgrimage site for childless couples
  • Enjoy some of the best Tantric art in Bhutan
  • Hike in the Black Mountains National Park to witness the beauty of the rare Black Neck Cranes, a symbol of peace for the Bhutanese
  • Visit Rinpung Dzong the religious headquarters of Bhutan and also where “Little Buddha” was filmed
  • Attend the Druk Wangyal Festival with its sacred folk & mask dances
  • Explore the capital of Bhutan, Thimpu. The only capital city in the world with no traffic lights!
  • Plus so much more!

For full details & to book this offering please click here.

3D 251x300 June Newsletter   Whats New On Spiritual Holidays?Free eBook Offer

We have just completed our new ebook – 8 Powerful Tools To Ignite Your Spiritual Life.

The purpose of this offering is to help you begin your journey at home today!

If you would like a copy sent to you please email us.

Make time to go within & explore the truth of who you really are.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our newsletter. If you feel others could benefit from it also please do pass it along.


The Spiritual Quest Adventures Team


Lisa TullyJune Newsletter – What’s New On Spiritual Holidays?