Chyawanprash and Aloe Vera Juice. My essential guide to your Ayurvedic boost!

“The human body is the best work of art.” ~ Jess C. Scott

350px Aloe Vera2 Chyawanprash and Aloe Vera Juice. My essential guide to your Ayurvedic boost!If you’ve ever experienced an Ayurvedic treatment, then its easy to understand why it continues to grow in popularity. The ancient “science of life” is appealing to such a wide variety of people because, quite simply, it works.

Treatments with names like Shirodara, Vamana, Virechana, Basti, and Nasya, as well as basic massage, tinctures, and yoga are the building blocks of a system geared toward prevention and holistic remedies.

Ayurveda does not aim to treat the effects, but rather to cut right to the source and eliminate the cause of the problem – whether that begins in the physical or mental field.

Most people imagine the wide variety of hot oil treatments that Ayurveda offers to reverse disease and boost overall health.

But there are also a number of dietary supplements, most available in the west, that also have a big impact on health. In fact, visit an Ayurvedic doctor, and a diet change may be the only thing he or she recommends.

That’s because Ayurveda packs a powerful punch in this department and the supplements they use were originally developed over 5,000 years ago. They’ve stood the test of time and continue to be of benefit to people. Today I want to tell you about Chyawanprash and Aloe Vera juice.

Chyawanprash is a popular jam like supplement in India. The list of ingredients ranges from 25 to 80 items, all natural and all healing.

The primary ingredient is a citrus fruit called Amla, or gooseberry. According to Ayurvedic science, a tablespoon taken daily will help to increase immunity, improve digestion and bowel movements, as well as help prevent asthma attacks, the common cold, and heart disease. The main benefits of Chyawanprash are derived from the high concentration of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C.

Perhaps the real secret behind it’s continued popularity in India and its growing popularity in the west is the impact Chyawanprash can have on aging.

The story goes that is was originally mixed by an ancient rishi who didn’t want to look ancient! Indian women swear by their glowing skin, lustrous hair, and clear complexions.When you’re shining from the inside out, it doesn’t matter what your age is. People feel the heightened positive energy you’re exuding.

The best one to buy is the Chyawanprash made by Dabur. It’s the more authentic recipe. Western versions tend to have way too much sugar in them which is ageing in itself!

A second dietary supplement commonly suggested by Ayurvedic doctors is Aloe Vera juice. Extracted from the aloe plant by peeling the skin and then blending, aloe vera is a powerful cleanser and, like Chyawanprash, a strong booster of just about anything you can imagine!

One to two tablespoons daily or every other day will help to boost the immune system and aid digestion, boost cardiovascular health, alkalise the body, as well as detox the major systems.

Interestingly, aloe vera juice is an adaptogen, meaning that it boosts the body’s natural ability to adapt to changes. Our bodies are bombarded with external mites, viruses, bacteria, dust, and pollution all day. As an adaptogen, aloe vera juice helps the body do whatever it needs to do to stay balanced. Therefore, depending on what’s happening, it can assist with diarrhoea or constipation, cleansing or rebuilding, restoration or breaking down.

And getting back to what’s perhaps most important, aloe vera juice is fantastic for the skin.

It’s 99% water, meaning that it serves as a powerful hydrating agent for the body. It moisturises, rejuvenates, and improves elasticity. Truly a wonder juice.

There are a whole range of Ayurvedic treatments that the west is just beginning to discover.

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Lisa TullyChyawanprash and Aloe Vera Juice. My essential guide to your Ayurvedic boost!