Quiet the mind…and the soul will Speak…

meditation quote 300x198 Quiet the mind...and the soul will Speak...Our deepest questions can be those trumpet calls that keep us up at night or they can be those vague and fleeting gut feelings that we can’t name. Our deepest questions are those that remain with us throughout our lives – their answers evolving as we grow ourselves. Our deepest questions drive us and shape our lives. They may even take us on spiritual journeys to foreign lands.

That makes the answers pretty important.

For many, not having the answers to those big life questions causes a lot of anxiety and insecurity. We go through phases where our truth seems just out of reach – just beyond our understanding, or phases of change that seem turbulent, or phases of awakening that feel like they’ve been coming our whole lives.

Some people have an incredibly difficult time admitting that they don’t have all the answers. Others have an equally hard time admitting that they do! Those people have an inner dialogue that repeats something like, “Who am I? I’m no expert, how can I make a decision like this on my own?”

Questions are powerful things.

Questions are how we get to our own inner truth. And asking questions is not just about seeking answers, they are about being on a spiritual path and cultivating a spiritual life.

In our “30 second sound bite” culture, finding the answers (and the right answers) is something we feel we must do quickly and immediately. Decisiveness, confidence, and efficiency are our most prized values. But on the spiritual path, the path for truth, we must calm the need and the drive to know the answers and know them right away.

20090810 0886.1 copy 300x154 Quiet the mind...and the soul will Speak...Meditation does this for us. The practice helps us to sink in – to our selves, to our higher selves, and to our connection with the universe. The nature of our problems, which often give rise to our deepest questions, can be clarified through meditation. Our awareness is heightened and slowly, over time, our true selves emerge.

When our true selves emerge we are living from our hearts.

When we are living from our hearts our deepest questions are revealed as messengers and guides. The need for knowing and surety take a back seat.

Living in the question becomes the authentic expression of our lives.

Our deepest questions are our spiritual guides and our meditation practice is the path along which we are guided. Meditation creates the space inside for the insights to naturally arise. It also develops our inner peace which causes us to be more open to synchronicity, coincidence, and messages.

By cultivating a daily practice we strengthen the ever present (yet often forgotten) connection to the Universe, God, Allah whatever you prefer to call it. When we start to tap into that connection off the cushion, our mindful consciousness grows and strengthens and our deepest questions become lighthouses, beacons showing us the way.

Meditation helps us to discover that the true answers always lie within.

Much love,

lisa 300x2081 Quiet the mind...and the soul will Speak...



Start meditating today by listening to cosmic meditations below led by our tour host Lisa. Allow yourself the gift of some authentic me time and invite more heart into your life.

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Lisa TullyQuiet the mind…and the soul will Speak…