How To Rekindle Loving Relationships Through Mindfulness

Whether you’ve been with your partner for five months or fifty years, there will always be some ups and downs.

775089650 a604d8de8b m How To Rekindle Loving Relationships Through MindfulnessIt’s inevitable that long-term partners have disagreements and problems that can feel difficult to work through. Fortunately, even when it feels as if all hope is lost, there is almost always a way to breathe life and love back into your bond.

Many traditional relationship experts focus on the idea that unhappy couples should work on communication techniques and talk through issues until they get past them, but often this just stirs up old feelings of dread and cultivates negativity and hurt.

If your relationship is suffering from an emotional or physical betrayal, or if you and your partner have simply fallen into a rut, read on for three enlightened strategies for renewing your connection and restoring the positive energy between you and your loved one.

Don’t dwell on the past

Don’t constantly re-hash past mistakes. Though it might feel as if you need to “talk it out” and bring those feelings to the surface, in many cases, replaying unhappy situations simply keeps those original feelings fresh on your mind. The best way to overcome marital strife is to move beyond it. That brings us to our next step.

Focus on the present and make new memories for the future

Focus on your presence in the present. Meditation is a wonderful method to move you closer to this way of being. To center yourself and figure out what really matters.

rekindlelove1 How To Rekindle Loving Relationships Through MindfulnessOne effective way to maintain a positive energy between you and your partner is to do activities together and make new memories as a couple. Maybe you could even start the practice of meditation together?

From personal experience meditating with a partner brings a new kind of depth and indeed excitement into the relationship.

Marriage expert, Mort Fertel, claims that the more time you spend together and make room for one another in your lives, the stronger your bond will be. Even if you find yourself “faking it” at first, those faux acts of kindness typically begin to translate into actual feelings of goodwill over time.

If you truly want to make your relationship work, maintaining an upbeat attitude towards togetherness is an effective solution.

Follow the golden rule

They say you should treat others as you want to be treated and this is never truer than when it comes to a long-term relationship. When you grow comfortable with someone, it’s quite easy to get complacent.

But just as you don’t want your partner to stop making you feel special, you should do the same. Think of this as relationship karma. The better you are to your husband or wife, the better he or she will be to you.

Just as negativity can grow and fester when we dwell on past grievances, positivity can multiply and restore a connection in even the most hopeless of cases.

Follow these three rules to better understand who you are and what you want in your relationship. Treat your partner with respect and kindness and, overwhelmingly, they will do the same for you.

Cherish the love you and your partner share and nurture that connection as you would a pet or a child. In this way, you can successfully maintain positive energy in your love life and beyond.

Author Bio: Troy Fissan is a relationship expert and freelance writer. His work with couples has repeatedly shown that when we live in the moment and achieve harmony in one aspect of our lives it can have a profound impact in all areas. This guest post was written to help individuals and their partners appreciate one another and maintain a cycle of positivity within the relationship to improve the quality of their lives.



Lisa TullyHow To Rekindle Loving Relationships Through Mindfulness