The Root Word of Question is Quest…How About a Shamanic Quest?

“Let whatever happens, be what needs to happen, so that I may awaken.” 
― T. Scott McLeodAll That Is Unspoken

300px Gebetsflaggen tsemo gompa leh11 The Root Word of Question is Quest…How About a Shamanic Quest?Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself in this very moment is, “How did you end up on this website, reading this article?”

Without knowing you, without ever seeing you, without asking you to plug in your demographics, I’m going to suggest that what brought you here to this moment is a need inside of you.

This need has called to you in subtle ways throughout your whole life, pushing you to leave your comfort zone, asking you to look beyond what is immediately around you.

If you have ever sought a deep connection to others or the natural world, if you have ever sought to know yourself better, if you have ever questioned your thinking, your feelings, your direction in life, if you have ever wanted an ineffable ‘more,” then you are a spiritual person.

It’s really very simple.

Spiritual people seek. They may take an inward journey seeking meditation, yoga, reflection, contemplation or self-exploration to peel back that, which seems false and live in their own light and truth.

They may take an outward journey seeking deeper connections with their environment and through their relationships. Their seeking draws them toward compassionate practices, giving, and selflessness.

Still others take a physical journey. In fact, the most ancient form of travel is the pilgrimage made to sacred natural and man-made places. Beginning a spiritual quest is to seek a broader, deeper, more immediate transformation.

The root word of question is quest.  

We quest to learn answers to our most difficult questions. Sometimes we are called to a specific place, like India or Ladakh, other times we are called to certain practices or cultures, like Tibetan Buddhism and some times we are simply called out of our comfort zone in order to experience profound awakening in our daily lives.

We offer a life changing spiritual experience in the Leh-Ladakh region of Northern India. This intentional travel is more impactful than the average tourist package and is undertaken by those seeking meaning through exposure to new exciting cultures and people and through experiencing the mystical.

It is fitting that Ladakh means “land of high passes,” as this awe-inspiring sacred area truly is a bridge between the physical and spiritual.  

The ancient Oracle tradition of divination will challenge you and bring you face-to-face with tough questions in your life. Ladakh’s rarified air is the perfect setting for self-reflection and introspection.

The Earth has many sacred sites. Unique and mysterious, these sacred places have a magnetic pull that you can neither explain nor ignore.

Perhaps it’s this same magnetism that drew you to these words?  

Ask anyone who has been to Ladakh and without hesitation they will concur it is a sacred place where you will experience awakening and return restored.

By joining on this quest with us, you can expect to experience the heart and essence of Ladakh with like-minded people. You can expect the unexpected, expect to grow, and expect to develop deeper compassion – both for others and yourself.

You may also get the chance to ask an Oracle to look into your future and tell you what they see!

Much love


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Lisa TullyThe Root Word of Question is Quest…How About a Shamanic Quest?