A Series of Life Changing Books – Really & Truly!

ruowfb A Series of Life Changing Books   Really & Truly!Life is a kaleidoscope. A roller coaster. And every so often it’s a miracle.

For out of the turmoil something unexpected can rise. Sometime so beautiful that it changes everything.

What happens may be a new relationship, an event, a film, a spiritual trip or even something as simple as a book landing on our desk.

And when we reflect back to whatever it was that sparked the occurrence we feel an ocean of gratitude.

That is exactly how I am feeling now.

My dear teacher and friend Hema Vyas introduced me to a series of books, and even though I am only on the second one, I know they have changed the course of my life forever, for the better.

Things will never be the same again and I say that with an overwhelming feeling of both relief and responsibility.

For with understanding comes relief. With wisdom comes responsibility.

As I learn from these books. As I apply the teachings in my life. As I face the challenges that life brings. Slowly the knowledge will percolate into wisdom that I know one day I will be sharing.

These books are channelled by Ceanne De Rohan. The voice that speaks through her is the secular voice of God.

Here is a brief introduction taken from their Right Use Of Will website:

“Have you noticed how often Mind, Body and Spirit have been mentioned?  Have you ever wondered where our Heart and Will fit in? The Will has for so long been judged against, controlled, disciplined, punished and denied that most of us no longer really know what our Will is.

Many have been calling positive thinking by the mind Will power, but this is not really Will power so much as it is mind power. While it is good to have a strong mind with all of its attributes and powers, when our mind is dominant we are not giving full acceptance to the true essence of our Will.

Our Will is the feminine aspect in all of us and expresses as emotion, intuition, receptivity and desire. To whatever degree we have been denying our Will, we have had conditional love for ourselves, and so, also, for others. We do not then, have our full Heart presence.”

I was so inspired by these books that I wrote to Ceanne and her team. Expressing my desire to spread the word on them.

They told me that they were told not to advertise them, as not everyone is ready, but that it was ok for me to make people aware.

So that is what I am doing. Simply making people aware. Just like Hema did for me.

Much love




Lisa TullyA Series of Life Changing Books – Really & Truly!