June Newsletter – What’s New On Spiritual Holidays?

Hand-Crafted Spiritual Holidays That Give Your Soul A Break! Dear Friends, Since I last wrote to you so much has happened that I am dying to share with you! We now have a new website live online, a new Path To Love retreat in September & we are currently planning a new Animal Nature retreat in Assisi, Italy where the … Read More

Lisa TullyJune Newsletter – What’s New On Spiritual Holidays?

What is spiritual alchemy?

Through spiritual alchemy turn your mediocre life into a gold standard one – that lasts. On our upcoming spiritual retreat to south India, we’re lucky to have spiritual teacher Hema Vyas along. She uses many modalities to help people transform their lives and live more deeply and truly in accord with their spiritual selves. At the core of her beliefs … Read More

Lisa TullyWhat is spiritual alchemy?

Simple Meditation Practices For Newbies

With so much choice out there for spiritual shoppers it can seem overwhelming. One key way to guide yourself to the right path is to start by calming your own mind. This will bring clarity in the chaos. And we have two ways you can do that…

Lisa TullySimple Meditation Practices For Newbies

A Series of Life Changing Books – Really & Truly!

Life is a kaleidoscope. A roller coaster. And every so often it’s a miracle. For out of the turmoil something unexpected can rise. Sometime so beautiful that it changes everything.

Lisa TullyA Series of Life Changing Books – Really & Truly!