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Here are some services of the spiritual, travel & social varieties that we think are doing a fantastic job & we are delighted to share them with you.


APNEISTA – This is a school specialising in Free-diving and Yoga education on the stunning Amed coast of East Bali. Seeing both yoga and free-diving as life-enriching, accessible activities that are not just for the athletically fit or the spiritually minded. They believe with the right mindset and instruction anyone can make rapid development in both.

KODAIKANAL YOGA CENTRE - In the midst of the mountains, deep in the forest, at the heart of a beautiful ecological farm, Kodaikanal Yoga Center is a magical space for spiritual practice, in tune with nature. The center hosts Yoga, Meditative Art and meditation workshops, retreats, and private classes. Complementing these are specific courses and lectures that include: healing arts, ecological lifestyle and more. All workshops are guided by certified and experienced teachers.

MYSTIC INDIA – This is a specialist tour operator for India who aim to show you the many facets this mystical country has to offer.  They love India and their wish is for you to have the best experience possible and for you to fall in love with her too. If you decide to book on with Mystic India do mention you found them through us and they will take great care of you!

CLEARLY FILTERED – When traveling clean water can mean staying fit and healthy to enjoy all the sights. These guys have incredible statistics backing up the efficiency of their filter water bottles which are perfect for traveling. Our favourite one being their filters remove 99% of Giardia from water! That is just perfect for those of you traveling to India and beyond as it a common cause of illness. In fact we rate them so much we use them ourselves when running our tours in India. And the real bonus is by using them there will be less plastic waste in the local areas you are traveling too.

HOLISTIC YOGA SCHOOL – These are our lovely friends over in Colorado in the US. Holistic Yoga is derived from various traditions and contemporary arts. The philosophy of holistic yoga is to address all aspects of a person’s health; mental, physical, and subtle. And we can tell you that on a personal level they practice what they preach!


ACADEMY OF ROOT DEVELOPMENTA major problem for village communities in India is the forced migration of people to towns and metro cities in search of work. ARD is based in Bihar the poorest state in India and is working to improve social and economic conditions to enable people to achieve sustainable employment and the opportunity to remain within their own villages.  The projects they run include things such as micro financing and self-help groups where the local women create their own support network.

THE VEERNI PROJECT - The Veerni Project aims to empower and educate girls and women of rural Rajasthan, which has the highest rate of child marriages in India, so they can lead healthy and productive lives free of poverty, coercion, and disease. The project provides secondary-school opportunities at the Veerni Academy in Jodhpur as well as programs to bring about change in local communities. In Hindi, Veerni means heroine or woman of strength. The project is guided by the belief that when girls and women are educated and healthy, they will have the strength to create positive changes in their lives.

LHA – Lha plays a crucial role in facilitating the transition of Tibetan refugees from their homeland to the Indian community by providing long-term rehabilitation and education resources. Each year programs and projects are adjusted to meet the conditions and needs of the region, yet the commitment remains constant: to help the Tibetan people thrive and prosper in their new home and to preserve their profoundly unique culture. Additionally, Lha offers volunteers and students the opportunity to engage in meaningful community service and social work and also seeks to generate an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation within the community by tending to the needs of the impoverished and underprivileged.

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