For You                                       Why Do We Do This?

We offer seekers and searchers the opportunity to take the sacred pilgrimage of a lifetime. This is your chance to travel to a new country in the company of like-minded people and find a deeper connection to your dreams and soul purpose.

Each of our tours offers you something special:

  • When you sojourn across Bhutan you will see what it is like to live in a country where the spiritual aspects of life are prioritized and meet people for whom happy is a daily condition.
  • When you take in the history and beauty of Italy your soul will understand what humans are truly capable of when they live life from their divine connection.
  • When you meditate with us in Dharamsala you will tap into a silence and stillness you have only imagined.
  • When you experience the sanctuary that is South India rejuvenation will touch you on all levels – mind, body & soul.
  • When you experience the power of the oracles in Ladakh you will be witness to a way of life that fully embraces spirit and the power of that which is beyond us.

There is something singularly unique about the places we take you too. The energy, mysticism and magic of the places we visit will be a wellspring of inspiration.

With Spiritual Quest Adventures, you can soar as far and wide as you dream. We will be there to provide all the essentials: a clear takeoff and a safe space to land. You will never regret taking a spiritual tour.

We help you to go beyond just the land and into the landscape of your soul.

For Us                                       Why Do We Do This?

It’s the best of both worlds. We revel in lighting the spark of inner freedom within as many people as possible. It’s why Lisa, our founder (and your host and organizer), began Spiritual Quest Adventures: to help change lives in the same ways that hers has been changed.

But we also personally gain with each tour we lead. When we meet with Ladakhi families, Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns, or Bhutanese villagers, we are learning and relearning right alongside you.

Just like you, we yearn for a more awakened life and each tour brings us in touch with what feels most important in life: walking the spiritual path.

It’s a win win as we are constantly meeting new friends, helping those in our groups connect to their higher purpose, guiding them to their own AHA moments, and returning to places and people we love and cherish.

For Tibet                                       Why Do We Do This?

Since the Chinese revolution in the early 1950′s countless atrocities have taken place. The result is that the Tibetan people are becoming the minority in their own country. The language is dying, there is forced re-education, environmental resources are being plundered, and torture, especially of monks and nuns, continues to this day.

Good jobs are primarily given to the Chinese or people that speak Chinese. Families continue to be torn apart across several continents as more and more attempt to flee their homeland for the relative “security” of refugee status.

In the name of freedom, many Tibetans lost their lives when they attempted to fight back at the start of the revolution. Because of the tight hold China has on Tibet, it is impossible to know just how many lost their lives.

This tragedy plays out to this day as peaceful Tibetans self-immolate to protest the the unthinkable and unbearable oppression of Chinese occupation.

To support both the Tibetan refugees in India and all Tibetans working for a free Tibet we are able and proud to do two things.

By bringing more people to Dharamsala we are raising awareness about the plight of these people and shining a light on the cultural genocide taking place. By donating 10% of our profits to Lha, a non-profit organization we are helping to educate Tibetan refugees.


Lisa TullyWhy Do We Do This?