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WHY join this spiritual retreat?

We invite you to journey with us on a spiritual retreat to sacred territory of Southern India. To the lush tropical Kerala where the nourishment awaits you on all levels.

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During this spiritual retreat, deep healing and nourishment is our intention for you – mind, body and spirit. For the full 10 days five star Ayurvedic resort is the home in India that we offer you. There will be opportunities for you to take part in yoga, meditation, massage, spiritual teachings and Ayurvedic meals. We intend for you to come back completely rejuvenated.

Throughout this spiritual retreat an incredible spiritual teacher Hema Vyas will be present. Encouraging you to gently open the petals of your heart, so real lasting change can begin. Her ethos is that peace, love & joy is our birthright and if you allow her to she will get you there.

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iStock 000017390342Medium 300x1931 RetreatsWe intend this offering to be pure alchemy.

Unleashing the gold that is at the heart of all of us.

That is WHY we invite you.

It would be an honor to have you come join us.

HOW do I know this spiritual retreat is for me?

  • If you yearn for a love that is unconditional
  • If you are seeking answers to your deepest questions
  • If you long to be touched by the sacred – so that it changes you
  • If you wish to pilgrimage with like-minded souls
  • If you can hear Mother India whisper her calls to you
  • If you are in need of a rejuvenation of the mind, the body & the soul
  • If you are ready for lasting change
  • If you long to return home completely nourished & deeply healed


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What am I going to experience on this spiritual retreat?

By awakening the heart of gold that is in each and everyone of us – we invite a source of love & compassion into our daily lives. Where forgiveness can begin of ourselves & others over past hurts, to heal current relationships & start new healthy ones. In other words, heart wisdom may begin to guide.

iStock 000026673849Small 300x1991 RetreatsJourneying with us opens up the opportunity to work on three essential levels – mind, body & soul. Tapping into that welcome relief you may long for. The kind of relief the daily grind doesn’t allow for. Meditation, yoga & Ayurvedic treatments are the path we offer, to bring you gently back home to yourself.

Our intention is that by doing this kind of work in the company of other like-minded souls, a new international spiritual family will blossom. Making soul friends where the connections could be so strong – they may surprise you!

What’s the spiritual retreat itinerary and highlights?

  • Meditate on a daily basis and invite your higher self into the driving seat
  • Enjoy the luxurious grounds & offerings of a five star Indian resort
  • Relax & allow yourself to be pampered as you receive Ayurvedic massages to release that which no longer serves
  • Learn ancient spiritual truths from an incredible teacher and apply them easily to your own life
  • Practice yoga in the land of its origination
  • Enjoy free time to do exactly what you wish on this spiritual retreat
  • Make friends for life with other people you sojourn with to sacred India

 Who is your spiritual retreat host?

Introducing Hema - 417326 2892211537155 807875909 n RetreatsFrom a very young age Hema’s natural ability to see the suffering of others was in full flow. For example at the age of five she was able to identify which children were facing great pain in their lives and she was always drawn to them, wanting to offer comfort. What ignited this incredible gift was a series of spiritual awakenings she experienced as a young child.

Then later on in life during her teenage years Hema had an out of body experience after being involved in a car accident. She felt her spirit leave the scene of the accident to find her friends, ten minutes in the opposite direction. Her spirit was seeking help for her body. After she had recovered she was able to tell her friends about the exact conversation they were having when her spirit found them.

And that was it for Hema. Her journey to understand the workings of the mind and the power of the heart began. For she had witnessed first hand that at the very core of all of us in an untapped potential that is all knowing and all powerful.

She is able to communicate spiritual concepts so that they are understood and is also able to guide their practical application in daily life.

Underpinning all of Hema’s work is an awareness of the energy and wisdom of the heart. Intrinsic to her ethos is a belief in the transformative power of pure, silent meditation and self- awareness.

To read heartfelt testimonials regarding Hema’s incredible work please click here.

“I believe that at the heart of each person there is pure gold – something so pure that it cannot be spoilt or tarnished; something that is indestructible. Each heart contains the unique wisdom to find individual happiness, success and love and by uncovering this wisdom, we will find the peace and joy that is our birthright.”

~ Hema Vyas

YOUR Investment:

If you are interested in being kept up to date for the cost and dates of this tour please email us and we will let you know as soon as they are finalised.

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