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The Lha team working together upon receiving a donation of 30,000 books for the benefit of the local community.

A few years ago, in the midst of a high pressure corporate sector job, through doing healing body work, I received a calling to go to India.

Despite the outward craziness of this idea, I followed my inner knowing and began one of the most important phases of my life: deep spiritual transformation.

It was on this first trip to India that I came into contact with the Tibetan people and their amazing culture. I knew right away that a major part of my life purpose was to bring others to experience the open-hearted warmth of these people.

When I returned home I founded Spiritual Quest Adventures and I’ve been leading groups on this spiritual journey ever since.

But, for SQA, it doesn’t stop there.

We donate 10% of our profits to Lha, a grass-roots organization based in Dharamsala, India. The aim of this non-governmental and non-profit social work organization is to provide vital resources for the Tibetan refuges, the local Indian population. as well as people from the greater Himalayan region.

Founded in 1997 Lha plays a crucial role in facilitating the transition of Tibetan refugees from their homeland to the Indian community by providing long-term rehabilitation and education resources. Throughout its seventeen year history, their commitment has remained constant: to help the Tibetan people thrive and prosper in their new home and to preserve their profoundly unique culture.

Additionally, Lha offers volunteers and students the opportunity to engage in meaningful community service and social work and also seeks to generate an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation within the community by tending to the needs of the impoverished and underprivileged.

Through these rehabilitation resources and educational services Lha does all that it can to ease the transition of refugees into India. On a daily basis Lha serves over 250 people, hosts between 15 and 25 volunteers and provides up to 19 different services including on average 35-50 meals per day for financially disadvantaged people.

They also provide language and IT classes, health and environmental education, distribution of clothes and medicine, as well as cultural exchange programs.

We are proud to be associated with Lha, an organization so closely aligned with our own mission. We at SQA care deeply about the welfare of the Tibetan refugees and the preservation of their endangered culture. It is our privilege to give.

To learn more, find out how you could get involved or donate please visit the Lha website by clicking here.

“From the day we became refugees, our basic objective was to rise to the very place from where we have fallen down.”

~ The 14th Dalai Lama

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